What is the Importance of Reading and Writing Skills as a Student B.Ed Notes

Reading and writing are the two most important skills related to language learning. Reading is a passive process because it is receptive while writing is an active process because it is productive. Learners who can read and write well can also do better academically and professionally.

There are several reasons why reading and writing skills are important as a student and some of these are as follows:

Critical Thinking

The increase in the use of digital media is reducing the learner’s ability to think critically and evaluate information. It is important for students because it helps them achieve cursory thinking. Reading enables learners to have a deeper understanding of the content and wiring allows them to strengthen their ability of reasoning.

Improves Communication Skills

Reading and writing are also related to one’s communication skills as both are necessary for a learner’s language development. When they can have a better command of the language, they can also communicate more effectively.


Reading helps learners gain a better comprehension of things and writing enables them to revise and remember the same which enables them to form articulate thoughts and sentences.

Increased Interest

Learners who have good reading and writing skills can grasp what is being taught more easily and effectively which helps them to develop an interest in what is being taught.

Increased Opportunities

As compared to learners who lack reading and writing skills, research states that learners with efficient reading and writing skills can gain more opportunities in the professional field and can make better use of it.

According to the NEA study,

“readers are more likely to engage in positive civic and individual activities–such as volunteering, attending sports or cultural events, and exercising” than non-readers.”

The advancements in technology are moreover demanding increased literacy due to which both the skills are highly important.