What is/are the Persuasive Writing Techniques) used in the Advertisement?

What is/are the Persuasive Writing Techniques used in the Advertisement?

Advertisement refers to a notice or an announcement that is presented to the public to promote a service, event, product, or a good and sometimes, it is even done to promote a job vacancy. An advertisement is usually considered to be a form of public communication that promotes a service, product, or sometimes, a brand. It is also designed to influence and inform. To make an advertisement effective, it is essential to include the element of persuasion. Persuasion refers to the process or act of persuading someone to do or buy something. 

Persuasion is used in a wide variety of situations be it personal or professional. Whether you are making plans for your weekends or you are negotiating sales deals, it can come in handy anytime. 

The various persuasive modes used in advertisement according to Aristotle are as follows. 

1. Ethos: Ethos refers to ethics. 

2. Logos: Logos appeals to logic. 

3. Pathos: Pathos appeals to emotion. 

Types of Persuasion Techniques

The various types of persuasion techniques are as follows:


It refers to the technique which believes that if you get something, you must give something in return and vice versa. 


It is also called the commitment technique. It is based on the belief that people prefer being consistent. 

Social Proof

The actions of others can easily persuade other human beings. Social proof is when we look at the most popular choice to make our own decision for safety and validity. 


Authority comes across as trustworthy, credible, authentic, and reliable. 


It is also important to be and have a likeable personality to impress customers.


When you are offering products as special editions or in a limit, it is more likely to become successful.

These are the various persuasive writing techniques which are used in advertisements

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