What are the Features and Types of Article Writing

An article writing is the writing done to reach a wide audience through magazines, newspapers, journals, etc. Writing an article requires a lot of research, time, patience, effort, and writing skills as it is for a large audience to read. The writing should be informative and understandable to the readers. The main focus while writing an article is to grab the attention of the audience.

Features of Article Writing

Topic Selection

Select a topic that brings out the best of your writing skills. Choose a topic that will make you happy and comfortable while writing.

Select the Title

Choose a catchy title for your work that will grab the audience’s attention. The title plays a crucial role in making the audience want to read an article.

Focus on the Audience

When writing an article the main focus should be on the audience. The article should be written in a way that the audience will find glad to read.


What has been written down should be relevant and connect with the title. Shifting away from the topic will lose the reader’s attention.

Avoid Repetition

Using the same words, points, and phrases repeatedly will bore the readers and lose interest in continuing the reading.


The size of the article matters as well in grabbing the audience’s attention. Writing extremely lengthy will bore the readers whereas writing too short might not provide the readers with the information trying to be delivered in the article.

Original Work

The most important feature of article writing is that the work should be unique. Taking ideas and inspiration from other articles isn’t an issue but the work shouldn’t be plagiarised.

Types of Article Writing

Narrative Writing

It is basic storytelling which can be fiction or nonfiction. Narrative writing is used to tell a story which includes characters and dialogues

Descriptive Writing

It gives a clear detail about the place, person, scene, weather, etc through writing. This gives a realistic feeling to the readers.

Persuasive Writing

As the name suggests, persuasive writing persuades the readers to agree with what they are reading. The writing should be able to convince the readers with the writer’s opinions and views.

Expository Writing

It is to give information to the readers about a particular topic. The aim is to educate the readers on a specific topic.

These are the different types of article writing that one can use to write their own work depending upon their topic.

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