What are the Essential Elements and 10 Main Components of a Report Writing 

What are the Essential Elements and 10 Main Components of a Report Writing

A report refers to written material produced for a clear purpose and is directed to a particular audience. A report contains specific information and evidence which is presented, analysed, and applied to the concerned problem. Reports are always written in the order of the occurrence of the events in a sequential manner. 

Essential Elements of Report Writing

Every report needs to have 8 elements and these are as follows: 

Title page

The title page gives a brief information about the title of the report. 

Table of contents

The table of contents includes the main heading or the subheadings of all the information presented in the report. 

Executive Summary

The executive summary includes a brief summary of the entire report and its findings. 


The introduction gives the reader an account and a general overview of the topic the report is dealing with. 


The discussion includes the main body of the report.


Conclusion includes the identification of certain issues. 


Recommnedation involves giving possible solutions for the mentioned issues. 


References include a list of all the works you have referred to. 

Components of a report writing

The various components of a report writing including the following:


The report should open with a cover giving a brief idea about the report. 

Title Page

The title of the report should be presented clearly in the title page. 

Copyright Notice

A copyright notice to avoid the report from being violated must be present. 

Forwarding Letter

A forwarding letter directed to the concerned authority must be included. 


The preface should give the reader an introduction to the report. 


This should include all the people you want to extend your gratitude to for helping you compete the project. 

Table of Contents

This should contain the list of topics you will be dealing with in the report. 

List of Illustrations

If you have included any illustrations in your report, you must add their references in this space.


You must also identify problems in the project and recommend possible solutions for the same. 

Abstract and Summary

Lastly, the report must contain brief abstract as well as a brief summary of the information presented. 

These are the various elements and components that should be present in every report