What are the Different Types and Stages of Report Writing in the English Language

Report writing is a detailed formal written document that is systematic and organized. It contains information that has been observed, analyzed, and presented. A written report is targeted at a particular audience. There are different formats for writing a report which we will look into below.

Different Types of Report Writing

Informal Reports

The messages are delivered in the casual use of language. These reports are short and conversational in tone.

Formal Reports

These reports are long, complicated, and structured carefully. Formal reports are written in detail without any use of personal pronouns.

Informational Report

This report gathers knowledge about a certain concept to provide information in an organized way through research.

Analytical Report

For this report, an analysis is done on a certain issue or event or a decision to be implemented. Along with the information comes the necessary explanation and recommendation in this type of report.

Progress Report

Progress reports as the name suggests are to stay informed about the progress of a project or assignment. It showcases the activities that have been carried out and completed.

Stages of Report Writing

  1. Plan your work.
  1. Conduct your research and collect the relevant information.
  1. Make an outline of the report.
  1. Write the first draft.
  1. Examine the data and record the findings.
  1. Provide the necessary suggestions and recommendations through your findings.
  1. Give references to the sources you have taken to help to write your report.
  1. Revise and edit if required.

These are the stages to be followed in order to provide a well-written report.

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