What is the Purpose of the Author in Writing the Poetry 

An author’s purpose refers to his main reason for or intent in writing. It may be to entertain the reader, inform the reader, satirize a condition, or persuade a reader. Having a good knowledge of the author’s purpose gives readers an opportunity to respond to the text and to match appropriate texts to specific needs.

Types of Author’s Purpose

There are various types of author’s purpose which are as follows:


Many authors write to persuade readers and encourage them to share an opinion or take an action which is most prevalent in essays, advertising, blogs, and full-length books.


Some authors may write to inform readers about facts and information which is often found in guidebooks, textbooks, news articles, and journal articles.


Some authors may also write to provide information along with entertainment. Such content may be short or long and generally include drama, historical fiction, romance, mystery, fantasy, and the like.

Purpose of the Author in Writing Poetry

The purpose of the author in writing poetry includes the following:

Share ideas

Poets can share their ideas in a more expressive and emotive manner through their poetry. When they are composing a poem, they are able to express their ideas and emotions in a better manner.

Create imagery

The author can also create vivid imagery of various things through their poetry.

Create Meter

Poets choose and arrange words for their meaning and acoustics to create a tempo which is called meter.

Express Emotions

The author may also write poetry to express his or her emotions and spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings.

Entertain the Reader

Some authors may also write poetry to entertain the reader and keep them interested in the storyline of the poem.

Akin to various other forms of literature, poetry is written to express emotions, create imagery, and share ideas.

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