An impromptu speech refers to a speech that is without any preparation but is done with some advanced and prepossessed knowledge of the topic. When the speaker gives a speech on the spur of a moment, it is usually because the speaker is quite adept at the subject. For instance, if the students are assigned some topic for reading, they can come ahead and give a short speech about it.

Advantages of Impromptu speech

Better Control

In an impromptu speech, learners have control over the content they are presenting so they can include the relevant topics they want to talk about.

Personal Examples

Learners can also incorporate and use personal examples from experience to support their statements and their overall speech.


Since the learner has authority on the topic, they can speak with conviction as they mean it.


Since the speech spontaneously takes place, the delivery of the speech will be more natural and more conversational as well.


The speaker can speak to his audience directly just like they are participating in a conversation and that makes it more engaging.

Disadvantages of Impromptu speech


Since students do not get the time to prepare, they may find it difficult and may have a tough time formulating ideas when they are speaking.

Lack of Details

Even though the students may be familiar with the topic, their speech may lack details as they may forget to add important supporting information.


If your listeners are passive and do not respond a lot, if they do not ask questions, you may neglect some significant content.

Rarely Appropriate

It is rarely appropriate as most of the time, some speeches require more reasoned discourse with supporting and valid ideas.

Examples of Impromptu Speech

Some examples of impromptu speech include the following:

  1. Interviews of politicians
  2. The US Presidential debate
  3. Panel Discussions
  4. Personal Interviews
  5. Presentation
  6. Job interviews
  7. Meetings
  8. Storytelling
  9. Debate
  10. Group Discussions

An impromptu speech is delivered with little to no preparation and predetermination. To give a proper impromptu speech, it is important to organize your thoughts, go with the flow, share from personal experience, ask questions to the audience, and use a written paragraph approach.