What are the Importance and Benefits of Study Skills?

What are the Importance and Benefits of Study Skills?

Study skills refer to a plethora of skills which are useful in tackling the process of organising and acquiring new information, retaining the information, and dealing with assessments. They are techniques which are discreet and can be merged in a short period of time. They can also be applied to various and almost all fields of study. 

There are five main study skills that every student should be aware of: 

  • 1. Effective Reading
  • 2. Memorisation 
  • 3. Note Taking 
  • 4. Testing 
  • 5. Time management and organization 

There are many benefits and reasons why study skills are important and some of these are as follows: 

Improved Academic Performance

Having good study skills can be highly helpful in improving your academic performance. When you develop good study skills, your brain gets disciplined. 


Developing good study skills can also help you develop the quality of productivity. This will enable you to complete your tasks more quickly and effectively. 

Better Time Management

With good study skills, you will be able to devote your time to other activities apart from academics. 

Reduces Stress

Good study skills are also important for reducing stress and helping you work with a clear mindset. 

Boosts Your Confidence

Study skills are important for boosting your confidence because when you are able to remember what you study, you will become confident about your answers. 

Develops Life Skills

When you have good study skills, it also helps in developing many other life skills that will be of great advantage to you. It can improve your discipline and your productivity. 

Overall Success

When you are able to develop study skills, you will also be able to achieve overall success. 

These are the various reasons why developing good study skills can be highly essential and important for you. Hence, it is important to ensure that you develop proper study skills

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