What is Meant by Dialogue Writing? What is the Format of Dialogue Writing?

Dialogue writing related to a conversation between two people. In fictional works, dialogue includes a verbal conversation that includes two or more conversations. It can also include a self-talking dialogue which is also referred to as a monologue. It is important for a dialogue to be good and engaging because if it is bad, the reader may soon lose interest in the story. 

Tips For Writing A Good Dialogue

To create a good dialogue, it is important for the learners to understand the topic properly. The use of tenses should be accurate and it should be in accordance with the dialogue. The dialogue should also come across as natural and it should be inserted naturally in the conversation. There should not be immense use of vague words and the message should be conveyed clearly. 

Format of Dialogue Writing 

New Paragraph

A new paragraph must be created for each speaker and anytime a new speaker starts speaking in the dialogue, a fresh paragraph must be inserted. 

Punctuation Marks

All the punctuation marks that are used within the dialogue must be within the quotation marks. 

Removal of End Quotes

You can remove end quotes if the paragraph is too long and you need to change a paragraph and start anew. 

Dialogue Tags

If you are quoting someone then their mention should always be outside the dialogue and should be separated by a comma. When you end a dialogue in an exclamation mark or question mark, the tags must start with a lower case. 

Single Quotation Mark

If you need to quote something within a dialogue, you can use a single quotation mark to quote it. 


If you end a dialogue with an ellipsis, you must ensure not add a comma or any other punctuation mark after it apart from the quotation mark. 

This is the proper format of writing a dialogue. A dialogue adds more life to any story and most importantly, it gives life to the characters present in a story. Therefore, to ensure that the story can be engaging and the characters can appear as relatable, it is important to ensure that you insert some engaging dialogues in your story