Describe the Strategies for Developing Higher-Order Thinking Skills

Describe the Strategies for Developing Higher-Order Thinking Skills

Higher order skills refer to thought processes that enable you to connect information and knowledge in several meaningful ways. You can use all of these connections for problem solving. These thought processes are also highly innovative because they apply knowledge in various creative and novel ways. They are not limited to observation of facts and memorization to analyse data that is found from reliable information and to communicate the findings while developing solutions. 

The strategies for developing higher order skills involved in writing are as follows. 

Develop Critical thinking

Critical thinking refers to using your personal best judgment to understand the ideas of other people and to evaluate it as well. Applying critical thinking when students are reading online resources or industrial periodicals is highly necessary as they help you evaluate what you’ve just read. 

Develop Metacognition

Metacognition refers to the awareness about how you think. When students are involved in metacognition, they examine the processes they are using to learn and retain the new information closely. This means that the students need to understand their strengths as well as their weaknesses. 

Improve Comprehension

Comprehension is the process of understanding the significance of the content and internalizing material. It is a necessary initial step for other higher order writing skills to enable students to make connections in the ideas they have mastered. 

Perform Application

Application is a higher order skill that requires a student to apply a piece of information that is similar to the project you are doing. 

Perform Evaluation

Evaluation refers to placing a relative value on a piece of information so that you can make decisions based on evidence and reasoning. 

Perform Synthesis

Synthesis refers to the process of combining two or more ideas for the generation of a new idea which is more productive and meaningful on its own. 

Make Inferences

Inference is a higher order writing skill which uses the information available to make a reasonable estimate of an unknown information. 

These are the various strategies one can use for developing higher order skills

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