Advantages and Disadvantages of Language Laboratory in Teaching English B.ED Notes

A language laboratory is a handy and efficient tool for practicing and assessing one’s speech in any language. It enables the learner to listen to model pronunciation, repeat and record the same, and perform self-assessment by listening to their performance and comparing it with the model. In a language laboratory, students have access to various audio-visual materials.

Advantages of Language Laboratory


Theoretical knowledge is not enough for learning a language. Language labs make learning more interesting by providing an interactive way to acquire the four language skills – listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Faster Learning

A language laboratory also facilitates faster learning compared to a regular classroom setting because it includes a progressive model of teaching and intuitively teaches the concepts.

Use of Resources

A language lab allows the students to learn a language using more resources. In a lab, learning takes place in a structured manner, in a real setting, and in a visually stimulating environment which makes language learning more immersive.

Helpful for Teachers

Technology is predicted to replace human jobs to a great extent but a language lab proves that it offers supplementary materials and assistance to the teachers so their role cannot be diminished.

Fosters Communication

Language labs also include a lot of communication between the teacher and the students as well as amongst the students which is essential for a proper understanding of the language.

Disadvantages of Language Laboratory


The language laboratory requires a lot of resources and materials due to which establishing it in the educational institution can be quite expensive.

The necessity of technology

If there is no availability of technology, the language lab cannot be used, and hence, if there is no power it may be useless.


The teacher has to ensure that all the equipment in the laboratory is kept well and maintained properly.

Constant upgrades

Since technology keeps upgrading all the time, the equipment of the lab must be constantly upgraded as well.


Since there are many students in the lab, it may be difficult for the teacher to attend to all the students due to which the entire lab class may become unorganized.

The language tool is highly helpful for practicing and assessing speech in all kinds of languages. It enables the student to listen to the correct pronunciation of words and speak them correctly. They can also listen to their performance and analyze the same.

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