Difference Between Role Play and Simulation Method of Teaching in a Tabular Chart

Simulation and role-play are effective teaching methods that simplify learning for students. Simulation refers to the method where an individual acts or imitates a role in a play whereas role play refers to when an individual portrays a role in a play. The simulation method of teaching refers to a model that represents a real classroom but the learning takes place in a virtual atmosphere. It tests the knowledge and skill levels of the participants by placing them in situations and scenarios where they must solve problems actively. To create a safe environment, the parameters are defined by the instructor to foster hands-on learning experiences.

Shannon states

“Simulation is the process of designing a model of a real system and conducting experiments with this model for the purpose of understanding the behavior (with the limits imposed by a criterion or set of criteria) for the operation of the system”.

Role play in the classroom refers to a method of instruction in which students are asked to take the role of someone else in a given situation so that they can understand the situation from a fresh perspective than they normally would. It is an active method of learning and teaching.

Difference between Role-Play and Simulation Method of Teaching

It is general and takes place in a group situationIt is specific and each student has a representative role
It is teacher-driven or computer-driven and is premeditatedIt is student-driven and spontaneous
The events in this method could have happened or can be hypotheticalThe action in this method has a past and the events have happened already
This method mimics real life and is highly relatable and relevantIn this method, the focus is on what will happen
This method is reflective where the learners have to reflect on what they will doThis method focuses on problem-solving as a problem is given and the students have to determine how they will fix it

These are the main differences between the role play and the simulation method of teaching.

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