What are the Learning Objectives of Notice Writing

Notice writing is a formal means of communication and its main purpose is to bring a certain piece of information to the notice of a group of people. They are pinned in a particular spot where the concerned people can read the notice.

Features of Notice Writing

The main features of notice writing are as follows:


A notice must always be brief and should adhere to a limit of 40-50. The sentences should be short and concise. However, it should be able to convey a complete message.


Although notice writing is a short piece of written work, the information or the thought expressed should be complete. Necessary information like the event, date, venue, and the like should be mentioned.


Authority refers to the organization, individual, office, or any other such body that has issued the notice and it should be indicated clearly in the notice for legitimacy.


Vague information should be avoided and the information of the notice must be clear and crisp.


Formal language must be used in notice writing because it is a formal means of communication.

Rules of Notice Writing

The main rules of notice writing are as follows:

Name of the organization

This refers to the name of the institution to which the person writing the notice belongs. It is written on the top of the page and it enables readers to identify who issued the notice.


The title should include “Notice” which enables readers to be aware of what they are doing to read the notice.


The date is mentioned on the notice’s left corner after leaving a tile. Since they are a part of formal communication, the date of the issue is highly important.


The heading gives a piece of brief information about the notice and it should reflect the content of the meeting and is akin to the subject of an email.


The body contains the main content for which the notice has been issued and it should contain all the necessary information.

Notice writing is a common form of communication and it provides necessary information about something that is about to happen or has taken place. It is put up in a public place so that a wider audience can see it and for ease of accessibility.

Learning Objectives of Notice Writing

To Communicate Effectively

Notice Writing helps people to communicate through writing mode in an effective and proper way.

To Enhance Creative Writing

Notice writing helps the students to enhance and work on their creative writing skills and imaginitive skills.

To Enable Formal Writing

Notice writing can help in enhancing the level of formal writing which can be presented in academic purposes.

To Share Information

Notice writing is majorly helpful in sharing information regarding day-to-day social information.

To Present Facts

Notice writing is taught to students in order to make them present facts in written mode with accurate facts and information after gathering data and research.

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