What are the Types and Features of Letter Writing

Letter writing refers to a written message which is conveyed from one person to another via a medium. In simple terms, it is the exchange of printed or written messages. It is generally sent to the recipient through mail or post using an envelope even though this isn’t a mandatory requirement. Any message which is transferred through post can be labeled as a letter and acts as a written conversation between two parties.

Types of Letters

Letters can be categorized into two main types which include formal letters and informal letters but there are also many other types of letters which are as follows:

Formal letter

Formal letters are letters that are strictly professional in nature and address the issues concerned in the letter directly. They follow a certain standard of pattern and formality. This category includes any kind of business letter or letter to authorities.

Informal letter

These letters are personal in nature and do not follow any set of rules or adhere to a specific format. They act as a written conversation including personal information. They are usually written to relatives, friends, acquaintances, and the like.

Business letter

Business letters are professional in nature and follow a specific structure or pattern. It is written among business correspondents and they usually contain orders, claims, complaints, quotations, and the like.

Official letter

This type of letter generally involves official information such as events, rules, regulations, procedures, and the like. They are written to inform official messages to offices, subordinates, branches, and the like.

Social letter

A social letter refers to a personal letter that is written on the occasion of a special event. It may include invitation letters, condolence letters, congratulatory letters, and the like.

Employment letters

This includes any kind of letters related to the employment process such as a promotion letter, application letter, joining letter, and the like.

Circular letter

A circular letter is a letter that conveys information to a large group of people. It is circulated to a wide circle of people to convey some important information such as a change in management, change of address, retirement of a partner, and the like.

Features of Letter Writing

The different features of letter writing are as follows:

Sender’s address

The sender’s complete address has to be added at the beginning of the letter to inform the recipient.


The date must be mentioned right below the sender’s address so that the recipient can know when the letter was written exactly.

Greeting or Salutation

After the date, the letter should begin with a salutation that depends on the relationship between the sender and the receiver.

Body of the letter

The body of the letter contains the main message you want to convey and the style depends on the type of letter you are writing.


Subscription enables one to end the letter in a courteous and polite manner and it may change depending on the letter you are writing. It may include phrases such as Yours sincerely, Yours faithfully, and the like.


Before the subscription, the signature or the name of the writer should be written.

To write a proper letter, one must consider the type of letter he or she is writing and include all the important elements of a letter.