What are the Objectives and Principles of Report Writing

What are the Objectives and Principles of Report Writing

A report refers to written material produced for a clear purpose and is directed to a particular audience. A report contains specific information and evidence which is presented, analysed, and applied to the concerned problem. Reports are always written in the order of the occurrence of the events in a sequential manner. 

The main objectives and principles of report writing are as follows: 


Reports are mainly written with an objective to investigate. The problem is figured out by the person writing the report and they also find out its reason. The findings are then presented in the report with or without recommendations. 

Development of skills

Report writing also aims to develop certain skills such as organization, judgement,  coordination, communication, and designing. 

Professional Advancement

Another objective of report writing is to encourage professional advancement in individuals so that they can find a good position in the workplace industry and get promotions as well. 

Managerial tool

Reports are also written with an aim to enable one to manage things in a more organised manner. A report acts as a source of information aiding in planning, coordinating, motivating, and the like.

Proper Control

Report writing also aims to establish proper control over events and occurrences. 

Presentation of facts

Reports also aim to present facts and information in a neutral and unbiased manner. 


Big organisations have to engage in multidimensional activities and therefore, evaluation is necessary to check everyone’s performance. Furthermore, report writing also aims to aid in making decisions. 

These are the various objectives and principles of report writing. It is important to produce a report keeping all of these objectives in mind so as to achieve the desired outcome and make the report effective and informative. When writing a report, the proper format must always be followed and maintained

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