Differentiate the Stages or Processes in Speech Writing 

Differentiate the Stages or Processes in Speech Writing

Speech is an oral presentation of information or delivery of messages through the use of words of spoken words delivered in front of or to an audience who have gathered in a seminar, meeting, conference, or some other event. It is a form of oral communication which is the oldest method and also the most effective method of communication. 

Differences between the stages and processes in speech writing

The main differences between the stages and processes in speech writing are as follows: 

1. Stage refers to the different phases of completing a task whereas processes refers to the different procedures or steps involved in completing a task. 

2. The stages of speech writing can be evolutionary and may take a series of steps whereas in process, the steps are more prescriptive. 

3. The stages of speech writing mainly includes introduction, body, and conclusion whereas the process of speech writing may include knowing your audience and identifying a clear message that you need to deliver to them. 

4. In stages, the speech should be structured whereas in process, the proper steps of writing a speech must be followed. 

5. The stages of speech writing also include speaking strategy, the audience journey, and editing whereas the process of speech writing includes identifying the objective, gathering information, interviewing the speaker, defining a clear message, and the like.

Components of speech writing

The components of speech writing are as follows:


A speech should start with an introduction to the topic or the subject matter that is being presented in the speech. It should not last more than 1 to 2 minutes and it should be brief.


This section includes the main messages of the speech and should cover all the information that needs to be presented in the speech.


The conclusion should summarize the central ideas presented in the speech and give the speech a closure and a sense of completion. It should also be shorter than both the introduction and the body.

Speech is considered to be one of the most effective ways of delivering a message in any event. A speaker can present his thoughts and opinions on various matters to a large group of audience through his or her speech. Due to its efficacy, it is widely used around the world. Be it for social purposes or religious purposes, a speech can come in handy for several kinds of events