What are the Components and Types of Study Skills?

What are the Components and Types of Study Skills?

Study skills refer to a plethora of skills which are useful in tackling the process of organising and acquiring new information, retaining the information, and dealing with assessments. They are techniques which are discreet and can be merged in a short period of time. They can also be applied to various and almost all fields of study. 

Components of Study Skills

The components of study skills are as follows:


Acronyms refer to short forms of certain words and phrases. Learning concepts with the use of acronyms can be highly helpful in enabling you to get a better clarity of a concept. 


Mnemonics are another component of study skills that can make learning concepts easier. 

Visual imagery

You can also use visual images to gain better clarity about the concepts because some students may be visual learners. 

Summary Methods

Summary methods are another component of study skills because when you summarise what you have studied, you will be able to remember it in a better manner. 

Reading and listening

It is important to read the materials that are there to study and it is also important to listen to the explanations. 

Types of Study Skills

The main types of study skills are as follows: 

Rehearsal and Rote learning

Rehearsal and rote learning refers to memorising the content you are learning until you remember it. 

Reading and listening

Reading and listening is a receptive type of study skill which allows the learners to receive and acquire information and knowledge. 


Making a summary of the content and topic you are learning is also helpful for studying. 

Examination Strategies

Developing unique strategies for learning new things is also helpful to study for the examination.


Revising what you have learned is important if you want to remember what you have studied. 

Developing proper study skills is highly important to ensure everything you learn can be effective and applied as well

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