Types, Advantages, and Disadvantages of Multimedia Resources as Learning Tools in English Language Learning

Multimedia is an umbrella term that includes text, audio, and visual content. The three components are often used together in an interactive presentation. Multimedia influences the way people interact to a great extent and it has the power to make interactions more engaging. It also connects people through the use of technology.

Types of Multimedia

The five main types of multimedia are as follows:

  1. Text
  2. Image
  3. Audio
  4. Video
  5. Animation


Advantages of Multimedia ResourcesDisadvantages of Multimedia Resources
Realistic ApproachTime-consuming
Cost-effectiveExpensive for maintenance
Apt as Modern PracticeAccessibility issues due to electricity
Advantages, and Disadvantages of Multimedia Resources

Advantages of Multimedia Resources as Learning Tools


Multimedia resources bring more variety to the learning sessions. It caters to all kinds of learners.

Realistic Approach

It follows an approach that has the ability to make the learning sessions more interesting.


It offers learning assessment tools that are ideal for the students and entertaining at the same time.


Multimedia resources can be purchased once and be used for the long term. After you purchase it, you can use it unlimited times.

Modern Practice

Using multimedia resources is apt for the modern generation because there are a lot of technological advancements and there are numerous resources available in different formats.

Disadvantages of Multimedia Resources as Learning Tools


There are a few formats that may attract the attention of the learners but they may also distract them.


Creating different forms of multimedia may require a lot of time and energy.


The devices used to showcase the multimedia formats may be fragile and they may require a lot of care and maintenance. If they are damaged, they could be expensive.


Multimedia has more than one medium due to which its products may be expensive. Since it requires an electronic device, it can be costly.


Electricity is required for the multimedia to operate and in rural areas, the same may not be available regularly.

Using multimedia has its good sides as well as bad aspects as extensive use of multimedia can be distracting and may cause anxiety and isolation at times.

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