What are the Integrated Sub-Skills Involved in the Process of Reading B.ED Notes

Reading Al-Mekhlaf (2018) states,

“It is contended that with enough practice, a consciously deployed reading strategy can become an automatically employed reading skill.”

Global Comprehension

When learners are reading a text to obtain its meaning, it is beneficial to move from whole to parts rather than reading it and vice versa which is known to be characteristic of unskilled readers. An unskilled reader skims through the text-only obtaining small bits and pieces of information whereas the skilled reader first forms an overall picture of the entire text.

Understanding the Plan of the text

To understand the text adequately, the efficient reader goes through the text more than once. The reader reads it at speed during the first read and then returns to the text to find more details and meaning in it.

Making Predictions And Informed Guesses

An unskilled reader goes through a text laboriously but the skilled reader can form an accurate picture of the author’s message after reading a few sentences.

Local Comprehension

Once the reader reads the text quickly, they should be able to focus on the details of the information available in the text and locate it in different parts of the text.

Guessing the meaning of unfamiliar words

The reader should be able to identify the meanings of unfamiliar words by relating them to the context.

Skimming and Scanning

Skimming means a glance at the text to understand the overall idea while scanning means searching the text for a specific piece of information.

Understanding Discourse Markers

Discourse markers are used in the text to indicate a sequence of ideas and state the writer’s opinion.

Understanding the organization of the text

It refers to how different ideas are presented and related to one another.


It is fine for understanding the organization of the text and identifying the main ideas of the text.

These are the various integrated sub-skills involved in the process of reading.

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