Poetry and Prose is a form of literature that tells a story. It can be the best way to help children gain interest in the beauty of language. Teaching poetry and prose to the children will improve their language ability of the children. It will help the children to write and speak correct English with proper vocabulary. Children should be encouraged to fall in love with the beauty of language for their own benefit.

Aims of Teaching Poetry and Prose

Love of language

Helps the children to develop a taste in the field of language and appreciate its beauty.

Increase creativity

Helps to increase the creativity level of the children and enhance their imagination power.

Correct speech rhythm

Helps to develop the language speaking ability of children and read with correct rhythm and pronunciation.

Enhance vocabulary

Helps to enrich the writing, reading, speaking, and listening abilities of the children while being able to gain knowledge.

Gain knowledge

Helps children to gain knowledge and gather information on various topics.

Objectives of Teaching Poetry and Prose

  1. To make the children familiar with the author’s style of writing.
  1. To help the children develop their imagination and creativity power.
  1. To understand the meaning behind the story and gain lessons from it.
  1. Make the learners aware of the different forms of poetry writing and storytelling.
  1. To help the children understand the value of reading good literary works and encourage them to write their own work.
  1. Enable children to have a deeper understanding of human relationships and the different types of human emotions.
  1. The language ability helps children to use the English language in a proper way without any difficulty.
  1. Help in developing the character and personality of the children.

These are the aims and objectives of teaching prose and poetry.