What are the 7 Elements and Characteristics of a Short Story

A short story is a short piece of fiction about events and characters. It is a great way to turn one’s original idea into an engaging story and show their creativity. In order to write the best short story, adding some elements to the story is essential. Even a simple story can be converted into an interesting story by the use of these seven elements in the short story.


The characters are people or animals in the story. There cannot be a story without a character as it is the life force of the story. Unless the readers do not feel attached to the characters, they won’t be gripped by the story. Characters will give a realistic feeling to the story and make it interesting for the readers. Going in-depth of the characters is important for the story to flourish.


Describing the location, time, climate, season, scenery, etc is essential to make the story real to the readers. It will help the readers to imagine the setting as described and captivate them deeper into the story.


It is the event taking place in the story. It explains what actually happens in the story. It has a beginning, a climax, and a resolution. The plot will move forward along with the actions of the characters. A compelling narrative is crucial to build suspense in the readers and make them keep turning the pages.


Adding conflict to your story is one of the most important elements of the story to make it interesting. Conflict is creating problems in the main character’s life and giving the much-needed tension to the story. It keeps the readers engaged in the story, making them want to keep finding out what happens next.


The theme is the central idea of the story. There may be one theme or more than one theme in a story. A theme is the moral of the story. It is a lesson you want to pass on to the readers through your story.


It is the way you tell your story through your writing and make it unique from the work of other authors. Style includes the tone and words you use in your storytelling to make it different from other similar works.

Point of view

This deals with from whose perspective the story is being told. There are different ways to tell your story to the readers. The first person means using I and me, the second person means using you, and the third person is using he or she. The point of view in the story also plays an essential role in building interest in the readers.

These are the most essential elements and characters that every story should have to succeed among the readers.

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