What are the Elements and 10 Importance of Letter Writing With Its Advantages

Letter writing refers to a written message which is conveyed from one person to another via a medium. In simple terms, it is the exchange of printed or written messages. It is generally sent to the recipient through mail or post using an envelope even though this isn’t a mandatory requirement. Any message which is transferred through post can be labeled as a letter and acts as a written conversation between two parties.

Elements of Letter Writing

The various elements of letter writing are as follows:

Sender’s address

The sender’s complete address has to be added at the beginning of the letter to inform the recipient.


The date must be mentioned right below the sender’s address so that the recipient can know when the letter was written exactly.

Greeting or Salutation

After the date, the letter should begin with a salutation that depends on the relationship between the sender and the receiver.

Body of the letter

The body of the letter contains the main message you want to convey and the style depends on the type of letter you are writing.


Subscription enables one to end the letter courteously and politely and it may change depending on the letter you are writing. It may include phrases such as Yours sincerely, Yours faithfully, and the like.


Before the subscription, the signature or the name of the writer should be written.

Importance of Letter Writing

The importance of letter writing is as follows:

Increases mental sharpness

Letter writing is an activity that stimulates the brain and keeps the mind active which improves memory, concentration, and communication skills.

Improves writing skills

Letter writing can also improve one’s writing skills if it is done regularly.

Expands vocabulary

Incorporating new words into the letter can help one increase their vocabulary.

Better command over Language

Students can also gain better command of the language when they write letters.

Strengthening relationships

Letters are also a good way to strengthen one’s relationships.

Stay in contact

Letters allow people to stay in contact with one another.

A keepsake

Letters act as a keepsake that one can keep with them for a long time.

Mental well-being

Letters also allow one to enjoy mental peace and well-being.

Increases Engagement

Letters also enable people to increase their engagement with one another.

Screen-free activity

Handwritten letters are a great way to be away from the screen for a while in today’s digitized world.

Advantages of letter Writing

The various advantages of letter writing are as follows: 

  1. Letter writing is something that one can keep for a long time and treasure forever.
  2. Letter writing helps students to practice writing more often and improve their skills.
  3. Letter writing enables children to learn and use new words, expand their vocabulary, and gain better command of the language.
  4. Letter writing can also increase one’s mental sharpness by keeping the mind engaged for a long time.
  5. Letter writing can also be effective for self-reflection and can help one be away from feelings of isolation.
  6. Letter writing can also help one strengthen and improve their relationships.
  7. Letter writing is a unique activity in today’s era as it allows one to stay away from the screen.

These are the various elements, importance, and advantages of letter writing. 

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