Role of a Teacher in Behaviouristic Approach to Education 


The behaviorist approach to learning was propounded by B.F.Skinner who states that,

“Learning is a function of change in behaviour.” According to this theory, behaviour is learned through the environment and behaviour results from stimulus response.

Role of a Teacher in Behaviorist Approach

The role of a teacher in behaviorist approach to education are as follows:

  1. The teacher should note that learning is not new knowledge but acquired new behaviour.
  2. The teaching environment shapes the behaviour of a learner.
  3. Teaching is key in engineering the learning environment.
  4. The teacher should give positive reinforcement to motivate learners.
  5. Too much negative reinforcement should not be given to the learners while teaching.
  6. Teachers should motivate and encourage the learners to enjoy and take interest in learning.
  7. Teachers must always reward positive behaviour in the classroom.


These are some important things teachers must always remember when they are teaching in the classroom according to the behaviorist approach.

teacher behaviorist approach
Role of a Teacher in Behaviouristic Approach to Education 

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