Definition of Humanism Theory

Abraham Maslow, along with Carl Rogers, Malcolm Knowles, and many others propounded the humanism learning theory which focuses on the development of learners. He is considered as the father of Humanistic Psychology. The theory believes in encouraging learners to develop an interest for learning. Maslow believes that experience play a key role in influencing the learning and behaviour of humans. This theory is highly centered on learners. In this theory, teachers serve as role models. They motivate the learners who are required to be observant and keen to explore.

Implementation in the Classroom and Educational Implications

Humanism theory of learning plays an important role in enhancing the knowledge of the learners by fulfilling the ultimate goal of teaching. The implementation of humanistic theory in the classroom should take place in the following manner:

Curriculum Must Be Learner-centered

The curriculum should be based on the interest of the learners and should focus on their overall development. Their personal experiences and knowledge must be taken into account.

Knowledge Should Be Applicable

The knowledge being imparted to learners must be applicable in real life situations. They should be able to relate the lessons being taught with real life situations.

Emphasize Learner Development

Teachers must focus on all the round development of learners. Instructional methods should be such that it is comprehensible to learners and fosters their growth and development.

Learning Must Be Student-centered

The teaching learning method should be student-centered and they should also be included in the evaluation process for self actualization.

Experiments and Discovery Must Be Used

Since the humanistic approach to learning focuses on learning by discovery, experiments should be implemented in the curriculum to facilitate the same.

Learning Must Happen Through Discovery

The instructional method being used by the teacher in the classroom must facilitate learning through discovery.

Teaching Should be Intrinsic

Instead of adopting extrinsic teaching methods, teachers should adopt intrinsic teaching methods so that the teaching learning method can be student centered.


The humanistic approach mainly focuses on the development of learners due to which factors must be remembered while implementing this approach in the classroom.

Humanism Theory
Educational Implementation of Humanism Learning Theory in the Classroom