Educational Implications of Insight Theory of Learning by Kohler


Wolfgang Kohler was a German psychologist who is renowned for his contribution to Gestalt psychology. He focuses on theoretical and philosophical aspects and is known for empirical studies of problem solving including a chimpanzee. His prominent contribution is the insight learning theory which he conducted and tested on chimpanzees. Kohler conducted two experiments for this theory.

Educational Implications of Insight Theory

The educational implications of insight theory of learning by Kohler are as follows:

Trial and error

The theory emphasizes on the importance of insight without neglecting the importance of trial and error.

Students Master Helplessness

Students may feel helpless when they don’t know something and they may suddenly get a solution after which, they are not helpless anymore.

Effective Retention

Good retention is  one for the major impacts of insightful learning. The insightful behaviour can be retained by learners.

Transfer of Learning

Due to insightful behaviour, learning can be transferred from one situation to another.

Involves Originality

Insightful learning involves new behaviour or new manner in a situation.

Boosts Confidence

Insightful learning enables learners to be confident  because the learners will have insight.

Repetition of Knowledge

The knowledge gained through insight can be retained and repeated in another situation.


Knowledge gained through insightful learning can be evaluated by teachers and it can help them become confident about their teaching as well.

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