Implications of Humanistic Theory in Teaching and Learning 

Definition of Humanistic Theory

Humanistic approach to learning refers to the theory that puts focus on encouraging learners to develop an interest towards educating themselves. The theory was propounded by Abraham Maslow and other proponents. He is regarded as the father of Humanistic Psychology. He emphasizes experiences in the study of human behavior and learning. The approach involves the observation of the behavior learners and the outcome of the behavior.

Educational Implications of Humanistic Theory

The implications of humanistic theory in teaching and learning are as follows:

Foster The Development of Learners

Teachers must focus on all the round development of learners. Instructional methods should be such that it is comprehensible to learners and fosters their growth and development.

Intrinsic Teaching

Instead of adopting extrinsic teaching methods, teachers should adopt intrinsic teaching methods so that the teaching learning method can be student centered.

Applicable Knowledge

The knowledge being imparted to learners must be applicable in real life situations. They should be able to relate the lessons being taught with real life situations.

Learning by Discovery

The instructional method being used by the teacher in the classroom must facilitate learning through discovery.

Student-centered Learning

The teaching learning method should be student-centered and they should also be included in the evaluation process for self actualization.

Learner-centered Curriculum

The curriculum should be based on the interest of the learners and should focus on their overall development. Their personal experiences and knowledge must be taken into account.

Use of Experiments and Discovery

Since the humanistic approach to learning focuses on learning by discovery, experiments should be implemented in the curriculum to facilitate the same.


The humanistic approach to learning is a learner centered method. Learners must always be encouraged to develop a self interest in learning.

Humanistic Theory
Educational Implications of Humanistic Theory in Teaching and Learning

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