Characteristics of Behaviorist Theory of Language Acquisition

Behaviourist Approach

The behaviourist approach to learning refers to the learning that is achieved through environmental interaction. The behaviorist approach to learning was propounded by B.F.Skinner who states that,

“Learning is a function of change in behaviour.” According to this theory, behaviour is learned through the environment and behaviour results from stimulus response.

Characteristics of Behaviorist Approach

The characteristics of behaviorist approach to learning in the classroom are as follows:

  1. Behaviourist approach refers to the study of external behaviour which can be observed.
  2. It is observable and it is also objective and believes that the internal mind’s operation cannot be measured.
  3. It states that behaviour is the result produced by the stimuli of an organism.
  4. It mainly focuses on the observable behaviour that is objective.
  5. It does not take the internal mental activities into account.
  6. It refers to the acquisition of behaviour which is new.
  7. Reinforcement is crucial to learning according to the behaviorist approach.


These are the various characteristics of the behaviourist approach as propounded by B.F. Skinner.

behaviorist approach
Characteristics of Behaviorist Theory of Language Acquisition

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