Role of Teacher as a Transmitter of Knowledge B.Ed Notes


The teaching-learning process refers to the transmission of knowledge from the instructor to the learners. In the teaching-learning process, the teacher plays the main role as the transmitter of knowledge. While transmitting the knowledge, the teacher has to take care of a lot of responsibilities so that the teaching-learning process can be successful.

Role of Teacher as a Transmitter of Knowledge

Carrier of Knowledge

The teacher is the person responsible for imparting the knowledge in the classroom and in the teaching-learning process due to which, the teacher is referred to as the carrier of knowledge. It is their role and their duty to have the knowledge that they need to transmit to the learners.

Giver of Knowledge

Teachers should be able to have knowledge of the things they are imparting to the students. They can be referred to as the storehouse of knowledge. Due to this, it is the teacher’s role to give knowledge to the learners.

Evaluator of Knowledge

It is the teacher’s responsibility to make sure that the learners are comprehending what is being taught in the classroom. This is done through the evaluation of the learners. Hence, the instructor evaluates the knowledge of the learners.

Developer of Teaching Strategies

To make sure that the teaching-learning process is successful, a teacher should develop effective strategies for teaching in the classroom.

Establish Learning Objectives

Before going to the classroom, a teacher must set the learning objectives to achieve the learning outcomes of the teaching-learning process successfully.

Assesses Learning Needs

It is important for the teacher to be able to assess the needs of the learners. Every learner is different and they have different levels of acquiring knowledge due to which the teacher must assess the learning needs of the learners.

Guide of the Learners

The teacher is the one who provides guidance to the learners after their family. Learners look up to their teachers as role models. Therefore, teachers are also the guide of learners.


Teacher as a transmitter of knowledge is an approach that is teacher-centered. The teacher imparts the knowledge and also evaluates the knowledge received by the learners.

Role of Teacher Transmitter
Role of Teacher as a Transmitter of Knowledge

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