Role of Teacher as a Model in Teaching Learning Process 


Teaching is the process of teaching or giving instructions to another individual or person. It is the process of imparting knowledge. According to Jackson,

“Teaching is a face to face encounters between two or more persons, one of whom ( teacher) intends to effect certain changes in the other participants ( students).”

Role of Teacher as a Model in Teaching Learning Process 

Learners always look up to teachers as their role models. Hence, the role of teacher as a model in the teaching learning process is as follows:

Conflict Resolution

Conflict resolution is a skill every teacher must possess because having a good relationship with the parents of the learners is important. It can help teachers to resolve conflicts with parents if any.

Managing Different Situations

As a teacher, one has to face a wide variety of situations and learners may have different demands. Having the skill of negotiation allows teachers to manage these situations effectively.

Decision Making

Teachers need to make different decisions regarding their learners. Hence, it is important for teachers to be able to negotiate so that they can make decisions effectively. 

Effective Communication

If there is a communication gap between the teachers and the learners, there might be a lack of understanding in their relationship due to which the teacher must communicate and act as a role model.

Building Relationship

To make the teaching learning process successful, teachers must have a good relationship with the learners and their parents as well. Due to this, the skill of relationship building is a must for teachers.

Problem Solving

Problems are sure to occur in the classroom and it is the teacher’s responsibility to solve these problems. Due to this, the teacher must act as a role model so that the problems can be solved. It is important for the teacher to solve the problems that take place in the classroom.

Avoid Disputes

In the classroom, learners may get into a dispute at times and the teacher must be able to negotiate and solve these disputes. It is essential to avoid disputes among learners or there may be a lot of chaos in the classroom.


Being a teacher brings a lot of responsibilities and as a teacher, it is important to ensure that one can be a proper role model so that the teaching learning process can be successful.

Role of a teacher as a guide
Role of Teacher as a Model in Teaching Learning Process 

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