Role of Teacher as a Co Learner in Different Teaching Learning Situation


In the teaching learning process, teachers have to take up many roles to make the process successful and effective. Although they are the givers of knowledge and are considered to be the main source of knowledge, they also have to be a co learner in some situations so that learning takes place in an efficient manner in the classroom.

Role of a Teacher

The role of a teacher as a co learner in different teaching learning situation is as follows:

Learner of Digital Skills

The modern age is quickly advancing and many technological innovations are emerging in the educational sphere too. Due to this, teachers must always stay updated about the latest tools and technologies that can be implemented in the teaching learning process.

Learner of Professional Skills

To ensure an effective and proper classroom management, teachers should have adequate and useful professional skills. They have to learn the skills and techniques that can make them a better teacher and help them improve the teaching learning process.

Learner of Creative Skills

Creativity is one of the most important skills teachers are encouraged to develop. Without creativity, a classroom may lack motivation. Hence, teachers should always look to sharpen their creative skills.

Learner of Assessment

Teachers should be adept at the skill of assessment because they need to evaluate the students’ understanding of the topic being taught.

Learner of Motivational Skills

One of the most important skills a teacher needs to possess is motivational skills. Teachers should learn these skills to motivate students to develop an interest for learning.

Learner of Communication Skills

A teacher is a co-learner because he or she should have good communication skills to interact effectively with learners and build a good rapport with them.

Learner of Patience

One of the most important characteristics that makes a good teacher is patience. A teacher should learn the art of patience because different learners have different learning and levels according to which, the teaching learning process must be carried out. 


As a teacher, one has to learn a lot of skills due to which they are not those who impart knowledge but also the ones who are simultaneously learning and gaining new knowledge and skills.

Role of Teacher as Co Learner
Role of Teacher as a Co-Learner

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