Role of Teacher as a Facilitator in Assessment for Learning 


Teachers play an important role in aiding the development of individuals. Teaching is an activity which helps an individual to gain knowledge. The assessment of teachers helps individuals to be aware of learning outcomes. With the latest innovations in technology, the role of a teacher as a facilitator is witnessing some change.

Role of Teacher as a Facilitator

The role of teacher as a facilitator in assessment for learning are as follows:

  1. Teachers need to review the needs and uses of learning using appropriate approaches to fulfill the required outcomes.
  2. Teachers need to deliver children with content so that they can learn.
  3. Group discussions must be organised by teachers so that the queries of learners can be responded to.
  4. The teacher also advises and guides learners by clarifying ideas through assessment.
  5. The teacher must be able to listen to and respond to the feelings of learners.
  6. The teacher must observe the reaction of learners properly as a facilitator in assessment.
  7. Teachers must ask questions to the learners and also provide reinforcement when necessary.


Teacher plays an important role as a facilitator in assessment for learning. Therefore, the teacher must be encouraging and he or she should motivate the learners to develop an interest in learning.

Role of Teacher Facilitator
Role of Teacher as a Facilitator