Teacher Expectations of Students’ Classroom Behavior 

Students have certain expectations from teachers in the classroom. They expect teachers to teach adequately and help them when needed. Similarly, even teachers have certain expectations from students from doing well in their studies to behaving properly in the classroom. For the teacher to teach effectively, there needs to be proper behaviour of all the students in the classroom. A misleading behaviour by a student can ruin the atmosphere of the class and cause a distraction while teaching. This will hamper both the teacher’s teaching experience as well as the students’ learning experience. For both parties to be satisfied, students should show good behaviour in the classroom.

Teacher Expectations of Students’ Classroom Behaviour

Teachers hope for students to behave a certain way in the classroom which is as follows:

  1. Teachers expect students to pay full focus and listen attentively in class.
  2. Teachers hope for students to remember what’s being taught in the class for a long time and use the acquired knowledge later when a related topic comes up.
  3. Teachers expect students to interact while teaching which will make the teaching and learning experience fun and interesting.
  4. Teachers expect students to behave obediently and be disciplined throughout the class and not cause any trouble.
  5. Teachers hope for students to ask questions and raise queries if they have any doubts so that they can be clear about the concept being taught.
  6. When teaching in class, teachers hope for students to cooperate and not cause any distraction or disturbances
  7. Teachers hope for a two-way communication. They want students to be involved in the learning process by giving their opinions and ideas on the topic being discussed.
  8. Teachers expect students to have discussions among themselves sharing their knowledge.
  9. Teachers hope for students to be open to group activities, doing assessments, and ready to show their skills and creativity when needed.
  10. Teachers hope for students to respect them during the teaching. They expect no student to be talking during the lecture except if it is related to what’s being taught.

Students tend to look up to their teachers as they are the first guides of students outside the home. Students spend many years of their life with teachers. Some of them may notice the behaviour of teachers and follow the same. Hence, how a teacher behaves around the students is also important for how a student behaves. Even teachers should show proper manners around the students and work on shaping their behaviour. Good behaviour will be helpful for the students’ development but it will be helpful for teachers as well as students will be disciplined during the class.

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