How Experiential Learning and Social Mediation are Helpful in Construction of Knowledge 

Social Mediation

Social mediation is the process of mediating conflicts to resolve problems between learners and foster a better and healthier classroom environment.

Construction of Knowledge

Construction of knowledge is a process that occurs through a lot of social engagement and social interaction. Teachers and learners need to interact with one another so that learning can take place and new knowledge can be constructed with reference to the past experiences of the learners. All the knowledge that is constructed in the classroom is done with regard to the previous or existing knowledge of learners.

Importance of Social Mediation In Construction of Knowledge

Social mediation helps in understanding the process of knowledge construction in the following ways:

Conflict Resolution

In a classroom environment, conflicts between learners are inevitable. Social mediation by the instructor is helpful because it helps resolve these conflicts.

Promotes Harmony

A classroom where learners are constantly fighting one another is unhealthy. A proper classroom is characterized by peace and harmony which is promoted by social mediation so that the construction of knowledge can occur.

Encourages Mutual Respect

Mutual respect is important among learners. Teachers need to mediate and encourage learners to develop respect for one another and foster knowledge construction.

Encourages Diversity

Educational institutions are becoming diverse and this leads instructors to mediate and encourage learners to appreciate people from every community. This provides room for better construction of knowledge.

Reduces Discrimination

When there is diversity, discrimination can occur in the classroom which can be avoided through social mediation by the teacher. It encourages the enhancement of knowledge construction.

Promotes Equality

By avoiding discrimination through social mediation, one can bring equality, peace, and harmony in the classroom which is highly helpful for the construction of knowledge.

Facilitates Classroom Unity

Proper construction of knowledge takes place when there is unity in the classroom. This can be facilitated by social mediation as it avoids discrimination and promotes peace, harmony, and unity.

According to Vygotsky, social mediation is,

“the process through which the social and the individual mutually shape each other.”

Therefore, the construction of knowledge should take place alongside social mediation.

Importance of Experiential Learning In Construction of Knowledge

The experiential learning in the construction of learning should take place as follows:

Positive learning environment

The teacher must create a positive learning environment to facilitate self-initiated learning among children.

Clearing the purposes

Learners must be aware of the goals they can achieve through learning and teachers must be able to give them a purpose to learn new knowledge.

Availability of learning resources

There should be adequate learning resources in the classroom so that the learning process can be organized and students can feel motivated.

Balanced learning

There should be a balance between emotional and intellectual components for organized learning.

Sharing thoughts and feelings

Teachers should not dominate the learners and they should be encouraged to share their thoughts and feelings.

New and modern Curriculum

The use of traditional curriculum must be eliminated and a new curriculum must be implemented.

Teacher must be an active listener

It is essential for the teacher to be an active listener so that he or she can guide the learners properly.


According to Rogers, the main purpose of education should be to nurture learners instead of constructing their academic knowledge.

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