How Can Teachers Expectations Affect Students Motivation?

Relationship between Teacher and Student

Teachers are the first guide of students outside their homes. Teachers have a lifelong impact on their students. If teachers have faith in their students, the children will automatically have faith in themselves and vice-versa. Sometimes teachers can be the greatest source of motivation for the students. Hence, a teacher’s expectation plays a significant role in a student’s life.

How Can Teachers Motivate Students in the Classroom

The following tips can be used by the teachers to motivate the students:

  1. Give positive feedback to the students when they have done good work. Praise them when they have done satisfying work. This will make them feel their hard work and efforts have been valued, which will encourage them to work harder. Avoid giving negative feedback to the students that have not done satisfying work. Guide them in places with errors and encourage them to do better next time.
  1. Celebrate the students’ achievements when they have achieved something whether it be related to academic or co-curricular achievements. This will motivate them in working towards their interests harder. Recognise which student has what potential, and work on improving it for their betterment. They will get closer to achieving their goal, no matter how big or small.
  1. Avoid being biased towards a particular student. A good teacher will not differentiate their behaviour based on the student’s potential. Give equal recognition to each student for what they have achieved. This way each student will feel valued and encouraged to do what they are doing best.

How Can Students and Teachers’ Expectations Affect Students’ Motivation ?

  1. A teacher’s expectation can improve the students’ academic performance. If a student does not feel the teacher keeps good expectations from him/her, they will not feel encouraged to do their best. But if a teacher keeps expectations from its students, they will be encouraged to give their best each time.
  1. A teacher’s expectation will motivate the students to work harder on their dreams and goals. This will make them ready for their future and closer to their goal. Their confidence in what they are working on will increase.
  1. Every student wants to hear good feedback about themselves from their teacher. Their self-esteem, as well as confidence, will increase when they realise the teacher has expectations from them. If a teacher gives good feedback to the students they will be motivated to give their best in whatever they do.


Teacher expectations can undoubtedly affect the student’s performance. Therefore, a teacher should be able to figure out where their students are lacking and work towards improving it along with them.

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