Definition of Intelligence in Psychology by Different Psychologists 

Defining Intelligence can be a complicated task. However, everyone does have an idea about what the term means. In general, Intelligence can be understood as acquiring knowledge and skills that mean an individual is creative, analytical, practical, logical, a good decision-maker, fast problem solver which are requirements in society. Many psychologists have tried to define in their understanding what Intelligence means which we will look into below.

Definition of Intelligence in Psychology by Different Psychologists

“Intelligence is the mental abilities necessary for adaptation to, as well as shaping and selection of, any environmental context.

Robert Sternberg

“Intelligence means to apply one’s knowledge to a noble situation or adjustment to noble situations.”

Alfred Binet

“Intelligence is a general capacity of an individual to adjust his thinking to new requirements and it is general mental adaptability to new problems and conditions of life.” 


“Intelligence is considered as a mental trait. It is the capacity to make impulses focal at their unfinished stage of formation.

L.L. Thurston

“Intelligence is a flexibility of the mind to meet the new situations.” —Munn “It is a capacity for setting along within all sorts of situations.” 


“An individual possesses intelligence so far as he has learned or can learn to adjust himself to the environments.”


“Intelligence is all-round innate mental ability. It is the power of readjustment in novel situation by organization of new psycho-physical combination.”

Cyril Burt

“Intelligence is the aggregate or global capacity of the individual to act purposefully, to think rationally and to deal effectively with his environment.”


“It is a capacity for successful adjustment by means of traits which we ordinarily call intellectual.” 


“Intelligence is the innate capacity to solve the problem in the light of past experience and knowledge.”


These are the definitions of Intelligence given by different psychologists. Going through these definitions will make one get a clear understanding of the term “Intelligence”.

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