Role of the Learner in Knowledge Construction and Transmission 

Knowledge is the information and skills one has acquired through education and experience. This may be in the form of theoretical understanding or practical experience. Learning is an acquisition of knowledge. Construction and transmission are forms of learning. Construction of knowledge can be considered as the knowledge gained by one through his/her own experiences and learnings rather than knowing it from another person. Transmission of knowledge may be regarded as the knowledge one acquires through the teachings of another person. The individual is purely receiving the information shared with him/her by interacting with others.

Role of Learner in Knowledge Construction and Transmission

Following are the roles of the learners in Knowledge Construction and Transmission:

  1. Learners are the participants of acquiring knowledge and they should actively get involved in the learning process.
  2. Learners should be able to use and relate the learnings gained by themselves as well as from others while acquiring knowledge.
  3. The learner should be able to produce a proper and satisfactory result with the information gained.
  4. The personal experience of the learner as well as what has been taught to him/her should be taken into consideration while learning.
  5. The learner should acquire, analyse and use the information gathered for abstract reasoning and dealing with novel situations.
  6. Learners must put their learnings and experiences to use for smart decision making, and solving problems responsibly.
  7. Learners should know how to face challenges, react to new things, and overcome everyday circumstances with what they have learned.
  8. The learner must try to remember the learnings for a long time and try to utilize the things learned in life.

These are the roles of a learner in Knowledge Construction and Transmission. What has been acquired in the learning process should be put to use too. Most importantly, the learner should participate actively in the learning process whether it be the learnings of his/her own or those obtained from others.

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