Role of Teacher and Student in Construction of Knowledge 

The construction of knowledge can be considered as the knowledge acquired by oneself. It is the information that is gained through one’s own experiences and understanding rather than from one another person. So, the personal experience of the learner in the construction of knowledge plays a significant role in gaining knowledge.

Role of Teacher in Construction of Knowledge

Teachers are the main person to help construct knowledge in the students. The role of the teacher in Construction of Knowledge are:

  1. Teachers should teach students in a way that all students can remember the information fast and will be able to remember it for a long time.
  2. The teacher enables the students to apply ideas and use their creativity. More self-analysis and self-assessment should be given to improve their abilities and skills.
  3. Teachers should encourage collaborative learning and group activities in the classroom. They will learn how to make smart decisions and solve problems responsibly.
  4. The learning process should be realistic and relevant. Teachers should focus on giving realistic assessments to solve real-world problems.
  5. Teachers provide students with a task that are authentic and deal with real-life tasks. They should connect the activities of the school with the real environment.
  6. Teachers allow students to ask intelligent questions and encourage them to speak in front of their peers which builds confidence in them.

Role of Student in Construction of Knowledge

The role of students in the Construction of Knowledge are:

  1. Students connect new knowledge with the concept they already know and construct new meanings.
  2. Students will be more open to learning new things and face challenges that come their way.
  3. Students will be able to figure out their best ability or potential. Through their learnings and knowledge, students will know what are their strengths and weaknesses. They will work on improving in their lacking areas and put more effort into doing better at their strengths.
  4. Students will be confident to face the real world and know how to make necessary decisions in life and solve problems quickly and responsibly.
  5. Students will know how to communicate with others and have empathy for other people. They will get an understanding of how to behave in particular situations.

These are the role of Teacher and Student in the Construction of Knowledge. Therefore, it can be concluded that both of the teachers and students play a significant role in the teaching and learning process.

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