How do the Attitudes of Teachers Affect the Personalities and Performances of Students?

Attitude Definition

Attitude is a way of feeling or thinking that affects a person’s behavior. An attitude of a teacher towards their students plays a huge role in shaping them for their future. A teacher must give importance to his/her attitude when around the students as children tend to learn and behave looking at their elders. Therefore, a teacher must have a positive attitude when around his or her students to give them motivation, build their confidence, and most importantly their well-being.

What are the Attitudes of a Good Teacher?

The following are some of the qualities of a good teacher:

Good Communicator and Listener

A good teacher must not only be a good communicator but a good listener as well. He/she must not only want to be heard but hear the students as well and make them feel like their ideas and opinions are cared for.

Should be Adaptable

A good teacher should be open to the frequent changes in the environment. With the introduction of new teaching technologies, the teacher should be open to changing their teaching methods to build interest in the students. The teacher should also adjust his/her teaching style based on the age of the students.

Good Teachers are Engaging and have Patience

A good teacher should be able to engage the students with creative and fun lessons. At the same time, patience is a key factor a teacher should follow with its students. Patience is one of the most important skills to practice as a teacher.

Teacher and Teaching Effects on Students’ Academic Performance, Attitudes, and Behaviors

  1. A teacher’s positive attitude towards the students will motivate the students in doing what they love. They will be encouraged to do better and achieve more themselves.
  1. A teacher’s attitude can have a great impact on the students mental health. The way a teacher treats and behaves with its students may lead them to have psychological disorders and stress. So, a teacher must have a positive attitude around the students to have a positive impact on their mental growth.
  1. A teacher must work on helping the students increase their self-esteem and confidence. Student’s should be praised when the work is well done for further motivation. When help is needed, guide and encourage them to do better instead of insulting. Avoid harsh and humiliating language.

Teachers can be role models to their student’s which is why their attitude plays a crucial role in shaping the students. Thus, a teacher should behave in a way that has a positive impact on the student’s academic achievement and personal development.

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