Characteristics of Intelligence with Examples 

Meaning of Intelligence in Education

Intelligence is the ability to gain knowledge and skills and use It responsibly. It is how a person deals in situations that are new and challenging. Through intelligence, one can learn new things, reason what is happening, have self-awareness, how to solve problems, and make decisions responsibly. Intelligence also makes a person creative, innovative, analytical, practical, and logical.

Characteristics of Intelligence with Examples

The characteristics of intelligence are as follows:

Adapt to new changes

Intelligence makes an individual adapt to new situations easily. An intelligent person is open to learning new things continuously and likes to be faced with challenges.

Intelligence leads to abstract thinking

Intelligence makes a person smart, confident, and has high self-esteem. It also makes an individual knowledgeable, innovative, logical, etc.

Have compassion for others

It is the ability to understand and deal with people and things. An intelligent person listens with understanding and has empathy for others. They listen to others’ opinions, understand feelings well and consider them.

Makes a person productive

As an Intelligent person is knowledgeable and creative, he or she makes use of each time. They are enthusiastic to do more and learn more. In this process, they only become more knowledgeable and intelligent.

Leads to becoming a responsible citizen

An intelligent person is also a responsible citizen of society. They know what to do and what not to do for the welfare of the people and the society as a whole. They influence and encourage other people to do the same.

Examples of Intelligence may be a person knowing that Lisbon is the capital of Portugal. Another example may be a person like Isaac Newton who invented calculus.

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