Types of Tasks: Projects, Assignments, Performances B.ED Notes

Types of Tasks: Projects, Assignments, Performances B.ED Notes

There are various tasks which are given to learners that are performance-based in their learning process. Performance-based learning refers to learning which encourages students to take part in various tasks and activities that are engaging and meaningful at the same time. The main purpose of this type of learning is that it enables learners to acquire knowledge, apply it, employ skills, and develop work habits which are collaborative and independent at the same time. 

Performance based- projects and assignments are always open ended and there is no correct answer. They also do not have a single and standard answer. When learners participate in the same and are engaged actively, they will be able to understand and absorb the instructions and the things being taught in a much deeper manner. 

There are various types of projects and assignments which are performance-based some of which are as follows:


Learners must present on a topic or present a report either individually or in collaborative groups. It may be based on providing information, persuading others, reporting progress, or teaching a skill. 


Performances can include dramas which can be collaborative and help the learners to create, provide, as well as perform a critical response and showcase their potential. Some other examples of performances include poetry, prose interpretation, recital, dance, and dramatic enactment. 


Projects is an umbrella term used for research papers, journals, critical works, artistics representations, and the like. They are mostly associated with higher levels of analysis, synthesis, and creativity. Learners may also be asked to create diagrams, maps, and reports.


Debates expose learners to various viewpoints, perspectives, and opinions that may not have been familiar to them prior to the same. The skills that are needed for debate include argument, media, and research literacy. Along with this, the learner must also be adept at evidence evaluation, reading comprehension, civic skills, and public speaking. 

Industrial Assignments

Teachers can also engage learners in industrial assignments such as fairs and exhibitions so that they can engage in in-depth learning. 

These are the various types of tasks, projects, assignments, and performances involved in the teaching learning process.

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