Anecdotal Records Advantages and Disadvantages B.ED Notes

Anecdotal Records Advantages and Disadvantages B.ED Notes

Anecdotal records refer to a detailed narrative record which is descriptive in nature after the occurence of a particular behaviour or interaction. They enable teachers to be informed about various things as they plan the learning experiences, offer insights into probable delays in development, and offer information to families. An anecdotal record should always be concise, brief, and should give enough detail about the report as well as an accurate description of the same. 

In a school or academic setting, anecdotal records are used to provide information to the teachers and give them assistance while performing various instructional tasks and activities. They are notes which are kept systematically where specific observations made by the instructor of the learner are recorded and stored. The teacher may observe various things such as the skills, learning behaviour, and attitudes of the learners. 

Advantages Disadvantages 
1. It helps both the learner as well as the teacher in their pursuit of knowledge and personality development. The purpose of anecdotal records may not be fulfilled if it is recorded carelessly. 
2. It enables the teacher to gain deep insight into the incidents of total behaviour. The teacher may only record things which interest him or her and many things may get neglected. 
3. Teachers do not require any special training or skill to do the same. The memory of the teacher who is observing can also influence the quality of record keeping. 
4. Anecdotal records can come in handy because it makes use of formative feedback.There is always a chance that the incidents recorded may be used in a  different context. 
5. It also acts as a validation and supplement for other structured instruments.The observation of the teacher may also sometimes end up influencing learner behaviour negatively. 
Anecdotal Records Advantages and Disadvantages B.ED Notes

These are the major advantages as well as the disadvantages of using anecdotal records in an academic setting.

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