Need and Importance of CCE: Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation B.Ed Notes 

Need and Importance of CCE: Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation B.Ed Notes 

Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) refers to a procedure of assessment that evaluates the performance of learners on school-based research. It was developed by the Right to Education Act of India in 2009 and is directed by the same body. The state governments in India along with the Central Board of Secondary Education in India introduced this assessment proposal for students belonging to standard 6-10 and for standard 12  in some schools. It takes an overall coverage of the student’s development and is a developmental process of assessment which emphasises on two fold objectives that include continuousness in evaluation and assessment of broad-based learning and behavioural outcomes on the other. 

The term ‘continuous’ in this context refers to stress on the fact that the evaluation of a student’s identified aspects of growth is not an incident but a continuous process. It is blended into the teaching learning process and is involved in the entire duration of the academic session. The term ‘comprehensive’ refers to the fact that the scheme covers the scholastic as well as the co-scholastic aspects of the learner’s growth and development. 

Importance of CCE

The importance of CCE is as follows: 

Systematise Strategies

CCE enables the teacher to systematise teaching strategies that are effective and efficient. 

Detect Weakness

CCE also enables the teacher to ascertain some individual learners as it helps the teacher to detect the weaknesses of the learners. 


With the help of CCE, learners can also become more aware of their personal strengths and weaknesses in the academic sphere. 

Identifies Changes in Attitude

CCE also enables the teacher to identify changes in the attitudes and value systems of the learners if any. 

Checks Student Progress

CCE is also helpful in checking the progress of the learners in both the scholastic as well as the co-scholastic spheres which enables the teacher to forecast the future performance of the learners. 

These are the various reasons why CCE is highly important and needed in the current education system.

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