Assessment Criteria of Social Skills in Collaborative or Cooperative Learning Situations

Assessment Criteria of Social Skills in Collaborative or Cooperative Learning Situations

Social skills refer to behaviours that are used for the expression of feelings, ideas, opinions, affection, and the like to establish, maintain, and improve one’s relationship with others. It also enables one to strengthen and solve a social situation effectively. Collaborative or cooperative learning situations refers to a type of learning in which a learner is required to imitate other learners which is called modelling. Following this, they have to put the behavioural traits such as communication and social skills they have learned into practice. They also receive the feedback from the rest of their companions immediately. 

In social skills, the cooperative learning group functions as a training group. Through cooperative learning, the social skills of the learner is improved through the emphasis on not only the academic intelligence but also on social interaction. 

The assessment criteria of social skills in collaborative or cooperative learning situations are as follows: 

Grouping of students

The students are grouped in teams of a certain number. In these groups, some people may work with the same group till the end whereas some may choose to work with a different group which is a huge determinant of their social skills. 


Time is also used to check how cooperatively the learners are working in the team and how much they are contributing throughout the entire academic year. 


Questionnaire is used to evaluate the social skills that are learnt by the students when they are working in the team. 

Data Analysis

Data analysis is also used to determine how much and the quality of social skills that have been garnered by the learners while being in the collaborative learning situation. 

Cooperative and collaborative learning situations refer to a mode of learning where each member of the student group is given a responsibility by the teacher to uplift the academic performance of their companions. The students are added in a group and they have to work together on the assigned project as a team.

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