Different Methods and Steps Involved in Developing Assessment Portfolio

Paulson, Paulson and Mayer opine,

”portfolio is a purposeful collection of student’s work that exhibits the student’s efforts, progress and achievement in one or more areas. The collection must include student participation in selecting contents, the criteria for selection, the criteria for judging merit and evidence of student self-reflection.”

Portfolio assessment refers to the type of assessment in which portfolios are used for assessing the performance of the learners. 

Features of Portfolio Assessment In Student’s Performance 

1. It helps the teacher to assess the progress of a student over a period of time. 

2. It enables the teacher to determine the efficiency of the teaching method. 

3. It enables the teacher to develop a connection with the parents of the learners. 

4. It also helps teachers to identify the weak points in the teaching learning process. 

5. It also helps the teacher to evaluate the education program. 

Methods and Steps involved in developing Assessment Portfolio

The methods and steps involved in developing assessment portfolio are as follows: 

1. The purpose of the portfolio must be determined along with the use of the results. 

2. The learning outcomes of the portfolio assessment must be identified and addressed. 

3. The components to be added in the portfolio assessment must be determined by the students. 

4. The scoring criteria must also be identified and developed. 

5. Examples and standards of performance must also be established. 

6. Instructions must be given to the students regarding collection, selection, format, reflection, and submission. 

According to Grace (1992),

“portfolio is a record of the child’s process of learning: what the child has learned and how she has gone about learning; how she thinks, questions, analyzes, synthesizes, produces, creates; and how she interacts–intellectually, emotionally and socially-with others”. 

Arter and Spandel (1991) state, “portfolio is a purposeful collection of student work that exhibits to the student, or others, her efforts or achievement in one or more areas.