Moral & Character building as aims of education

Main Aims of Education Sociological Foundation of Education B.Ed M.ED
Main Aims of Education: Sociological Foundation of Education

A said by John Dewey,

“Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.”

Education has become a necessity in every individual’s life. Education is an important tool in the growth and development of a person. Without education, one would not be the person they grow up to become. It helps one in adopting acceptable behaviour and understanding their role in the society. One brings positive changes in themselves and the society by the education they receive. It is through education that an individual learns discipline and the basic etiquette needed to behave as a responsible citizen of the society. The values, beliefs, culture, religion, etc that have been followed since generations are transmitted to the next through education. 

Moral Building as Aims of Education 

  • Moral values play a crucial role in every individual’s life.
  • Moral values guide people’s decisions in life.
  • It helps in developing positive traits in a person such as kindness, compassion, humanity, honesty, and respect.
  • Moral values such as discipline and obedience are developed in children through education.
  • People will learn to treat each other with respect and listen to one another with compassion and empathy.
  • Individuals will understand what is right and wrong or good and bad for them.
  • Through this understanding, individuals will develop positive intentions and proper behaviour in the society.
  • Moral values make an individual grow up as a responsible and respectable citizen of the society.
  • Morals help in guiding one’s actions towards others and the environment.
  • Strong moral values will lead an individual to a positive and healthy lifestyle. 
  • Education can foster the feeling of holistic behaviour among individuals.
  • Through education, pupils can be prepared with well-behaved nature, sincere and sensible behaviour with other people.

Character Building as Aims of Education 

  • Education leads to character development.
  • Character education is important to make individuals responsible citizens of the country.
  • People will adopt their roles well and with honesty in the society.
  • They will know what is right and wrong for them and develop acceptable behaviour.
  • A good character leads to a good personality which leads to respect from others.
  • Character education will make one understand the values of caring, kindness, humility, loyalty, etc and develop it within them.
  • People will be conscious about their thoughts and actions before doing anything. 
  • Education is provided with character building values.
  • Education is meant to make a person equipped with social values which can build a civil society.
  • Education can facilitate an individual with the quality of doing philanthropy work, charity, and humanity.


Education emphasises on the improvement and development of a person. Moral and character education makes individuals responsible citizens of the society. It will lead people in living a positive and healthy life. One’s personality depends on their moral values and character. Overall, it can be said that both will be beneficial in the growth of an individual.