Achieving Social & National Integration- social & National services, international understanding.

Achieving Social & National Integration- social & National services, international understanding

A nation consists of people with different caste, religion, culture, colour, creed, and language. Even with individuals belonging to different communities acknowledging the fact they are all one and equal is national integration. The term “integrity” has been derived from the Latin word “integer” meaning whole or complete. National integration creates the feeling of oneness and commonhood among the people of a country irrespective of all the diversities. India celebrates National Integration Day on 19th November which is also the birthday of former Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi. National integration aims to promote unity and brotherhood among the citizens of the nation.

Steps in Achieving Social and National Integration

1). Economic Development 

Regional imbalance and economic diversity cause serious threats in the achievement of national integration. To achieve national integration there needs to be development of every individual and the entire country. No part of the country should be economically backward and there must be elimination of poverty. 

2). Social Unity

To achieve national integration bringing a sense of unity and common identity among the countrymen is essential. Everyone should be treated equally and given equal opportunities irrespective of their culture, religion, or caste. 

3). Cultural Integration 

There are several cultures in India. Understanding and valuing different cultures will strengthen the bond among the citizens. It will spread peace, harmony and tolerance in the country. 

4). Emotional Unity

The people of the country need to be attached emotionally as one to achieve national integration. There needs to exist a feeling of oneness and unity for the nation. 

International Understanding 

International understanding is creating a feeling in people that they are not only citizens of their country but of the citizens of the world too. It brings a sense of world citizenship. 

According to Dr. Radhakrishnan,

“It is essential for us not to live apart but to live together, understanding one another’s fears and anxieties, aspirations and thought. We must work for racial harmony. we may be American, we may be Russian but we are essentially human beings. Let us learn to live in a world community.”

In the words of Dr. Walter H.C. Lewis,

“International Understanding is the ability to observe critically and objectively and appraise the conduct of man everywhere to each other, irrespective of the nationality of culture to which they may belong.”

According to Oliver Goldsmith

“International Understanding is a feeling that the individual is not only a member of his State, but a member of the World”.

Need for International Understanding

i). It spreads peace and harmony in the world.

ii). It prevents war between different nations. 

iii). Promoting world citizenship.

iv). Build friendly relations among nations.

v). Promotion of mutual understanding, cooperation and interdependence.

vi). Promotion of human welfare.

Therefore, achieving national integration and international understanding will lead to a peaceful and harmonious nation and the world.