Factors influencing aims of education.

Factors influencing aims of education

As said by John Dewey,

“Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.”

Education is a necessity in every individual’s life. It helps one in adopting acceptable behaviour and understanding their role in the society. Education is an essential tool in the continuous development of both humans and society. One brings positive changes in themselves and the society by the education they receive. It is through education that an individual learns discipline and the basic etiquette needed to behave as a responsible citizen of the society. The values, beliefs, culture, religion, etc that have been followed since generations are transmitted to the next through education. 

Factors Influencing Aims of Education

Some of the factors influencing aims of education are:

1). Geographical factors: 

The environment, climate and population influence the education system as it impacts the behaviour and attitude of an individual. The atmosphere where education is being provided should be safe and positive. 

2). Economic factors:

This is an essential factor in determining the quality of education. The methods, resources and equipment being used also determines how high is the level of education of an institution. 

3). Political factor: 

Political factors like socialism, communism, democracy, and capitalism influence the education system of a country. The political background of a country determines the education system of a nation. 

4). Language factor:

Every country has its own language. Each nation should have their national language as a part of education. Having a foreign language is also essential to communicate with people outside the country. 

5). Social and cultural factors: 

Each country has its own culture. The education system will function and humans will behave in a way their culture allows. Education helps in preserving, protecting and transmitting the culture to younger generations. 

These are some of the factors necessary in influencing the aims of education.


Every society has its own way of living and practising things and one is able to learn their way of functioning in the society through education. This way the succeeding generations will be able to adopt the customs and values of their society and make it a part of their everyday life. Education will help society and people in the development of each other.

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