Aims of Education according to National Policy of Education NPE (1986)

Aims of Education according to National Policy of Education NPE (1986)

The National Policy of Education was introduced in May, 1986 under the governance of Rajiv Gandhi. The main aim of this policy was to give equal opportunity to 

everyone and improving the quality of education in the country. It focuses on dealing with elementary education to higher education in both rural and urban India. It supported the earlier thoughts of making education compulsory and free from 6 to 14 years of age for every child and following a structured pattern of 10+2+3 suggested by the Kothari Commission. The National Policy of Education proposed making education equal at all levels. 

Aims of Education

The aims of education according to National Policy of Education, 1986 are as follows:

i). Education should help in the overall development of an individual i.e. physically, mentally, and spiritually. 

ii). Preparing children to meet the future needs of the country and contributing to its development. 

iii). Promote socialism, secularism and democracy amongst Indians. 

iv). Follow a systematic pattern of education including all aspects for development. 

v). Promote national progress and strengthen national intervention among the citizens of India. 

vi). Making education lifelong and a continuous process. 

vii). Help children understand and value the traditions, culture and heritage of the nation. 

viii). Promoting education in the country and giving importance to national education.

xi). Making an individual self sufficient and self dependent which will help in the development of the individual and as a result the nation. 

x). Foster moral and ethical values to the children for the welfare of the society. 

xi). Promoting patriotism, equality and unity for the nation amongst the countrymen. 

xii). Help in the character formulation of children to enable them in using their potential to the maximum. 

xiii). Making education equal for all irrespective of caste, creed, colour, sex, religion, etc and giving opportunities to everyone. 


The National Policy of Education has contributed widely in the field of education in India. The ideas and policies introduced by it have helped in making Indian education effective. It has helped to follow a particular and systematic pattern of education. The commission brought changes that were necessary to improve the quality of education in the country.