Education as a Process of socialization and its Purpose 

Education as a Process of socialization and its Purpose

Education is necessary for every individual in life. It helps one in adopting acceptable behaviour and understanding their role in the society. It is through education that an individual learns discipline and the basic etiquette needed to behave as a responsible citizen of the society. The values, beliefs, culture, religion, etc that have been followed since generations are transmitted to the next through education. 

The process of socialization is the process of education. Both help in the overall development of an individual. Socialization makes an individual ready for the world. It helps in one’s personal growth.

Education as a Process of Socialization

School is the main institution where socialization is taught. However, socialization should be taught from a young age at home and continuing the same at school. Children will be able to understand faster what is expected of them as they grow and adopt their roles quickly. 

The knowledge, skills, beliefs, values, culture, religion, norms, language, etc followed since ages is passed on to the next generation through the existence of education. The individual will understand what is his/his role in the society through the years and adopt it responsibly. Socialization makes an individual independent and able to take risks. One will be able to make decisions and solve problems on his/her own.

Through socialization, individuals will understand and adopt different feelings of emotions. People will treat each other with respect and listen to one another with compassion and empathy. It will prepare an individual to communicate properly with a person or a large group and behave acceptably. 

What is the Purpose of Socialization?

There would be no society without socialization. For society to exist, socialization is necessary. Socialization helps in the transfer of knowledge, values, culture, and expected behaviour to the next generation and so on. It is also crucial in the development of one’s personality. Humans will get an idea of their roles in society and the expectations it has from them as they mature. Socializing will not only let a person know another person better but also himself/herself. They will realise what their interests are by interacting with others and work towards it. Individuals will put efforts in improving themselves which as a result will be beneficial for both the person and the society. 


Socializing enables individuals to play their roles in society. It instills discipline, obedience, and responsibility in people. Socializing will bring a sense of happiness in people and improve their well-being. People will understand societal norms and be aware of society’s expectations from them. Socialization will help society and people in the development of each other. Socializing is crucial for the existence of society and growth of people. Hence, socialization is essential for any society to be possible.