Cultivating a Scientific Outlook through the Process of Modernization.

Cultivating a scientific outlook through the process of modernization

S.C Dubey,

“Modernization is a process that explains the change from traditional or semi- conventional stage to any desired forms of technology and the nature, values, motivations and social normative rules of the social structure attached to them.”

The process of modernization is the process of social change and economic progress leading to the development of a country. It transforms a traditional and backward society into an industrial society. Traditional societies will keep developing as they take on more modern practices. A country goes from underdevelopment to development by modernization. 

Impact of Modernization 

  • i). It transforms a society from a rural to an urban and industrial one. 
  • ii). It increases the employment rate of a nation and improves the standard of living. 
  • iii). Positive transformation occurs in the political, economic and social institutions. 
  • iv). Changes in the attitude and views of people and the way they live.
  • v). The literacy rate of a nation will increase.
  • vi). Rise in the national economy and per capita income. 

Importance of Modernization 

  • i). It leads to the development of infrastructure, communication and transportation facilities. 
  • ii). Development and improvement in school and health care facilities, equipment and machines. 
  • iii). Development of technologies associated energy, resources, and food for social and economic stability.

The importance of people will increase as well with increase in modernization. It will help in the development and advancement of a nation to a great extent. Modernization also leads to development of humans. It will change their way of thinking and living. Modernization brings the desired changes in the society and country. It achieves what a society needs in order to develop.

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